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Michael Schumacher criticises Diego Maradona

Argentina boss feels the sharp end of Schumi’s tongue

Diego Maradona

Slightly boring former Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher was recently interviewed by Italian newspaper la Repubblica, and for reasons beyond our understanding, the subject of Diego Maradona came up. The German, who is statistically the greatest person to ever participate in his sport, passed a scathing judgement on the Argentine legend’s chances as a national coach:

He is a man who is used to an excessive lifestyle, and it is difficult to free oneself from such a fragile situation. His recovery would be beautiful for the sport, but in this case, one must believe in fairy tales if they think it can happen.“

Recreational drug fan Maradona is never one to shy away from controversy or a fight, so it will be interesting to see some sort of inter-sport war of words erupts from this comment.

Spoiler bonus: Schumacher is no stranger to charity football games, and is actually pretty talented. Check out one of his better efforts after the jump…

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