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Johnson’s bad knee, Roman’s millions, Beckham’s tears…

David Beckham – emotional

David Beckham 

Whilst the majority of the planet busily arranges an evening of unbelievable binge drinking, hand holding, singing of old songs, and drunkenly attempting to tongue kiss as many people as possible just because it’s midnight and you’re a bit horny, important sports journalists [...]

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Transfer Talk

City consider Liverpool’s big three… and Younes Kaboul

“High five if you want to go to Man City”

Gerrard, Torres, Mascherano

Make no mistake about it, this is turning into the greatest Premier League campaign for years, and probably more fascinating than the race for the summit is the scramble for the treasured fourth Champions League [...]

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Real eye up Vidic, Wenger has a glance at Bellamy

Ronaldo and Vidic – set for reunion?

Ronaldo and Vidic

Having already snaffled Man United’s best attacker, the word on the street (or, more specifically, in today’s newspapers) is that Real Madrid will be spending a large portion of next summer attempting to do a similar dismantling job [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool fancy van Nistelrooy, but no one fancies Babel

Hey Ruud, why the long face?

Ruud van Nistelrooy

It’s a tale of two Dutchmen over at Anfield, as Liverpool attempt to untangle their season by offloading a few bad apples, whilst simultaneously bringing in a proven set of scoring slippers.

The word from today’s Daily Mail is [...]

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Mourinho eyes a return, Liverpool’s new target…

Jose – loves it here, apparently

Jose Mourinho

Whilst the lion’s share of the nation nurses a serious wine and cheese hangover, the men who like to write about sport have been busily assembling news stories in between hurried mouthfuls of disgustingly cold sprouts.

According to the depressed journalists [...]

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Transfer Talk

Rooney would make a great Galactico, so says Ronaldo

Roonster – Bernabeu-bound?

Wayne Rooney

After Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo and Becksie all marked the early/mid 2000s with a Bernabeu stop-off, the Galactico buying policy reemerged spectacularly over the summer with Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Xabi Alonso all packing up their various face lotions, hair styling products, leg [...]

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Merry Christmas from The Spoiler!

Here’s a funny version of Back to The Future

As an early Christmas gift, please enjoy the above video, which brilliantly takes a famous scene from a classic movie, [...]

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Capello on pens, and bad news for Chelsea…

Capello – understands stress


It’s important in modern football that the manager understands the mental state of his players. That he can accurately grasp factors like anxiety, terror, and shape-shifting goals.

So, the great news for England’s national footballers, is that Capello totally gets it. He said this about penalties, as reported in today’s [...]

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