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Footballer uses internet to promote racism

Oxford Utd lad spreads hatred via social networking site

Sam Deering

In the summer we brought you news of the Crystal Palace youngster who revealed an impending transfer to Fulham on his facebook feed (unsurprisingly, it fell through), and now another footballer has been misusing the popular website.

Oxford Utd midfielder Sam Deering broke his leg during a Boxing Day tie, and decided it would be best to make his friends aware of his hosiptal recovery through the intertubes. Deering changed his Facebook status to “Sam is not very amused in this hospital bed, so bored!” A concerned friend then joked: “Hope you have got some sexy nurses looking after you.” The 21-year-old winger then casually replied: “Nah, there [sic] f***ing pakis LOL.”

Over 1,000 Facebook users were able to see his comment. Idiot.

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