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WAG No. 249: Jordan

A tribute to one of the Prem’s most notorious supporting ladies

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If this is your first encounter with Jordan, perhaps the internet isn’t for you. Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield (Katie Price to her friends, Jordan to her fans) started life in the spotlight on Page Three, and soon discovered the world of nightclubs, breast augmentations and unscrupulous footballers. After disposing of Gladiator Ace and chubby pop muppet Dane Bowers, Jordan moved onto glamour-girl-favourite Teddy Sheringham, before having a son with Dwight Yorke.

She may sound and behave like a dullard, but Katie is actually a shrewd entrepreneur: her numerous modelling shoots, TV shows, eight published books (!) and propensity to endorse absolutely anything (the Jordan Glamour Girl horse care range, anyone?) has left her with a current estimated £30m fortune.

Spoiler bonus: We’re not prepared to show you Jordan’s infamous sex tape, nor her laughable attempt at a pop career, so this modelling shoot will have to do…

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