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David Beckham charges €500k for interviews

He better have something bloody interesting to say

David Beckham AC Milan

David Beckham should start his first game for the Rossoneri later today, as they face Martin Jol’s Hamburg in a winter friendly.

Italian broadcaster RAI tv were hoping to catch up with the headline-grabbing star, but were shocked to find out they had to pay for the privilege. They were even more shocked when they were told the amount being requested was €500,000 (that’s £500,000 currently, or about £800,000 in a few days time).

The Beckham loan deal was designed purely to put bums on seats in the San Siro and cash in the club shop tills, so in this respect there’s little surprise that an interview is so costly.

Understandably, RAI tv will not be taking up the offer, probably because Mr B is notoriously dull during interviews, and coughing up €10,000 every time he mumbles “you know” is not a particularly prudent investment at a time of recession.

Read all about the outrage here, but be warned: it’s in some crazy language.

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  • dj mhirado // January 7, 2009 at 2:50 am

    am a stunt DB supporter but this man has gone to the extreme this tym. now he is finding it hard to perfect those pases he used to be incredible at he thinks he can walk up to anyone and pickpocket them just like that he has got to be nuts am personally am calling for his retirement coz he is now an utter failure on the pitch

  • Hocus // January 8, 2009 at 10:13 am

    money hungry mother fucker

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