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Should UEFA impose spending limits on European clubs?

Top teams may agree to curb crazy spending


Yesterday, the European Club Association (the latest incarnation of the G-14 super happy fun club) sat down to discuss capping the amount clubs can spend on wages and transfers.

In order to put a stop to the sort of insane transfers threaten to destabilise the game, the organisation proposed that clubs should only be allowed to spend around 51 per cent of their income (gate receipts, TV deals, sponsorship, player sales, over-priced hot dogs, etc).

This would mean clubs like Manchester City would have to build another three tiers of seats and at Eastlands and ensure everyone in Asia is drinking Garry Cook’s range of magical energy drinks if they wished to bankroll an astronomical Kaka bid.

It would also encourage better business models – many clubs spend a dangerously high proportion of their income on wages, which is a completely unsustainable method of running a business. Isn’t that so, Leeds Utd?

However, the proposal is a double-edged sword. If clubs were to rely solely on their earnings (and not the deep pockets of their sugar daddies) the temptation to charge even higher amounts for tickets, replica shirts and the aforementioned hot dogs would be huge.

And, at the end of the day, football is meant to be entertaining escape for us regular folks -  capping outrageous player bids and ridiculous salaries would detract from the excitement and the incredulous circus that we call top flight European football.

So, should clubs be limited on their spending, or should we carry on the way things are? Let us know your thoughts with a vote and comment below…

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  • Andrew // January 23, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Every American sports fan knows that european and world football for that matter is a huge unbalanced joke. It has existed a long time based on competition but since the premier league era, only 3-4 teams in each country really matter on european scale. The one thing you can say about the mls is that it is run like other american sports, there is a DRAFT, the greatest invention in all of sports. You can build a gridiron football monster in 1-3 years if you draft smart, even the rays in baseball can compete with terrible pay roll. I get the table battle of vying to finish 4th and 5th in the premiership, but until one of these smart concepts come to fruition an everton supporter could hope for no better than maybe finally breaking into the champions league.

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