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Trailer: the new Brian Clough film The Damned United

David Peace’s excellent book gets the big screen treatment

The beautiful game has a long tradition in the world of cinema, upheld by fine films such as When Saturday Comes, Fever Pitch, and Soccer Dog: The Movie. The latest addition to the football film canon is The Damned United, which chronicles Brian Clough’s disastrous 44-day stint at Leeds United, the league champions at the time.

The part of Cloughie is played by Michael Sheen (the guy who plays Frost in Frost/ Nixon, not the guy from Apocalypse Now), and also features Jim Broadbent and Timothy Spall.

The 2006 David Peace novel upon which the film is based is very high on The Spoiler’s required reading list, and is revered as one of the greatest football novel ever made.

However, the controversial book, which the author describes as “fiction based upon fact”, has been heavily criticised by Clough’s widow and family, and many loyal admirers are also choosing to boycott the new project.

The film has much to live up to, and we’ll get a chance to see it in UK cinemas on March 27th.

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  • Emmett // January 27, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Cant wait for the film, but i was thinking you should do a required reading list… top 10 (or there abouts?) football books. That would be interesting, make sure ive read all the classics.

  • Bill Buckley // January 27, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    The Damned Utd is utter garbage and does not reflect the true genius of Brian Clough. It is imaginary thoughts written as if they are fact. If Mr Clough was still alive, the writer and all those inolved would be bankrupt from the subsequent court case – in fact, they probably would not have been allowed to make it. It’s not how Cloughie should be remembered.

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