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Video: Michael Ballack destroys a pigeon

German midfielder ruffles a few feathers

Michael Ballack may have been on top form in Saturday’s FA Cup game with Ipswich, but he may also have joined the ever-growing list of footballers who have committed bird murder (birdricide?).

During the warm up, the confident German pelted one a flying rat, which proceeded to shed a large proportion of its plumage in the penalty area. The pigeon managed to fly away, but if it doesn’t survive the cruel London winter without half of its feathers, Ballack will surely have to attend Pigeon Killers Anonymous meetings with Lucas Neill and Gastón Aguirre.

Spoiler bonus: Ballack’s deadly aim may also stop this chap having children.

[Video: Dirty Tackle]

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  • Andy Takacs // February 20, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    I am the one who recorded this video. :)

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