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Jermain Defoe’s WAG is the reason for his great success

Spurs striker is motivated by scoring ‘Arry money glamour girl

When his second home China White closed its doors for the final time last month, Jermain Defoe held a candle lit vigil in Piccadilly, weeping for the wonderful glamour girl-boffing memories its four walls had provided him with.

The club’s second greatest patron (or maybe third, behind Gaffney) was former reality TV show star Chantelle Houghton. Champion swordsman Defoe had already rutted his way through many of Chantelle’s ilk (Charlotte Meares, Danielle Llloyd etc) before the pair started seeing each other romantically in November, and it’s been love ever since. Awww.

Now, the pneumatic model is attributing his recent good form (huh?) to her presence in his life:

“I love watching him play because all I do is look at his legs.

“I’d like to think his recent good form is all down to me of course.”

We couldn’t agree more. About the legs, that is. She continued:

“I’d seen him around before and thought he was gorgeous but he always had a girlfriend.

“This time is he was single and we just got on really well.

“Things are going brilliantly. He makes so happy and it’s such a good feeling. I think he could be The One. I hope so anyway.”

Chantelle – who married someone she didn’t really like after meeting him on a reality TV show – is probably being a little optimistic calling Defoe “The One”. As far as he is aware, “monogamy” is how Scottish people celebrate the New Year.

Spoiler bonus: More Chantelle here

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