Handcuffs at the Bridge

Solved: The Salomon Kalou goal celebration mystery

The crossed arms gesture was not political, just ill-judged

Konvict Muzik

Thanks to The Spoiler’s extensive sleuthing (we read a newspaper), the mystery surrounding Salomon Kalou’s goal celebrations on Wednesday night has been solved.

The crossed arms gesture was not a controversial “shout out” to a friend in the slammer or a show of support for Ivory Coast political activist Antoine Assale Tiemoko, but simply a replication of the design of the Konvict Muzik logo.

For those who aren’t cool (or who didn’t just look it up on Wikipedia), that’s a record label that has fifteen-minutes-of-fame-are-nearly-over electronica artist Lady Gaga on its books, and is owned by Akon.

Kalou met the annoying rapper at a show at the IndigO2 earlier this week, and was presented with a commemorative disc by his American pal.

Spoiler bonus: If you attend an Akon concert, don’t throw stuff at him. His bodyguards will bring you to him and he’ll bodyslam you. He’s that tough…

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  • Bernard // January 30, 2009 at 9:11 am

    What a garbage story about garbage people, why the violence.

    Maybe he a mindless brute.

    As for Kalou, if this is who he idolizes, he’s in very poor shape.

    Kalou needs to concentrate on his soccer and leave the hooliganism to those who support it

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