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Recession threaten’s Alex Curran’s bikini wearing ability

Stevie G’s wife may have to cut back on luxury holidays

The current economic downturn has certainly taken its toll on the nation’s workforce, but is also appears to have had a damning effect on those who don’t do anything for a living.

According to today’s Daily Telegraph, professional leisure seeker Alex Curran is feeling the pinch. The WAG, who spends ninety per cent of her free time and money in Liverpool’s Cricket boutique, is cutting back on unnecessary expenditure:

“I think people – especially Wags – are becoming more conscious of spending now.”

Mrs Steven Gerrard now faces the humiliating prospect of only being able to visit the hairdressers twice a week (how will she cope?) and must do own own nails, just like the common people who live on the numbered streets:

“I’m not that bothered about pampering. I do my nails myself. The nail varnish I’m wearing was only £2 from a bargain bin!” she said, insisting that she was not high maintenance.”

Steven Gerrard’s wages are unlikely to have been affected by the credit crunch, and his legal fees can’t be that high, so we can’t see a reason why Alex would actually have to cut back on spending. We suspect her thrifty attitude merely an act of solidarity with her loyal Closer Magazine readers, but the pneumatic blonde fails to see the devastating knock-on effect of her actions: how many nail bars and bikini manufacturers will suffer from her lack of custom? How many Dubai poolside waiters will be laid off? Will the fake tan industry be able to survive a decrease in orders from its greatest ambassador?

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