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Video: David Beckham shoots some hoops with Kevin Garnett

Adidas pays footballer and b’baller to dick around

Remember 2008? Nobody cared about Lady Gaga and her indifferent attitude to trousers, Twitter wasn’t lowering office productivity on a global scale and David Beckham was still welcome in the United States of America.

Before he tried to escape from the land of hope and glory, Mr B filmed an Adidas advert that featured Missy Elliot, The Ting Tings, Katy Perry and loads of other terribly important people at a ‘house party’.

The German sports clothing manufacturer have since released a clip of the Milan loaner mucking around in the driveway with Boston Celtics behemoth Kevin Garnett. Instead of testing each other at their respective sports, Beckham and Garnett devise a Baseketball-style hyrbid of football and basketball. If the editing is to be believed, Beckham comes away looking like the coolest man on earth, while Garnett’s skills do not match up to his ability to shout slogans.

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  • Somebody // February 26, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    People ain’t calling Beckham as (probably) the BEST passer and crosser of the ball on the World for nothing! Just look at his’s mad!

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