Bundesliga Controversy

German striker in trouble for advertising during goal celebration

Mario Gomez gives you wings

Mario Gomez gives you wings

On Saturday, VfB Stuttgart defeated Dortmund at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, thanks to a winning goal from Mario Gomez. The German national team striker, however, landed himself in a big ol’ pile of controversy thanks to the nature of his goal celebration.

When the half-Spanish forward slotted home in the 62nd minute, he opened an imaginary can and took a sip from it, and then proceeded to flap his arms as if they were wings. According to German newspaper Bild, Gomez has held a “private agreement” with a certain Austrian energy drink manufacturer for several months.

According to FIFA rules, such flagrant advertising is forbidden and punishable.

In a laughable attempt to completely deny this obvious reference to a drink that may or may not give you wings, Gomez’s advisor Uli Ferber has said:

“I was surprised when Mario did that celebration. It was certainly not a statement of Red Bull, but a spontaneous decision.

He told me afterwards that he felt like he had wings.”

See video of the controversial celebration here.

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  • SCotty // March 10, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Let me get this straight: Jerseys have advertising on them in place of team names, and flapping your arms iswrong?

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