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Video: Manchester Utd and Arsenal Champions League highlights

Another great night for English clubs in Europe

Manchester Utd 2/ Inter Milan 0 (2-0 agg)
Thanks to an early effort from Nemanja Vidic and Ronaldo’s 49th minute header, we were spared the possibility of seeing a well-dressed Portuguese man sliding down the touchline in the dying minutes. Manchester Utd looked a tad shaky at times, but still completely unstoppable.

Roma 1/ Arsenal 0 (agg 1-1, Arsenal win 7-6 on pens)
Plenty of drama in the inhospitable surroundings of the Stadio Olympico last night, but a mixture of confidence and incredible luck has ensured the Gunners a place in the final eight.

Spoiler bonus: Highlights of Barcelona’s emphatic victory and Porto’s much less emphatic draw after the jump…

Barcelona 5/ Lyon 2 (agg 6-3)

Porto 0/ Atletico Madrid 0 (agg 2-2, Porto win on away goals)

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