Leeds are looking to cash in on the latest Tevezgate twist

There’s more proof that the Carlos Tevez affair will never end

Leeds United chairman Ken Bates

West Ham hoped to finally draw a line under the Carlos Tevez saga by paying Sheffield United compensation but that only appears to have made matters worse. Leeds chairman Ken Bates has today confirmed that they are seeking advice because they sold the Blades Rob Hulse, Matthew Kilgallon and Ian Bennett and would have been due additional payments if they had survived.

The three players in question obviously didn’t do enough that season to convince anyone of their top-flight credentials because like Neil Warnock, who insists he would still be in the Premier League now if it wasn’t for Tevez, they currently ply their trade in the Championship.

The Hammers’ decision to risk upsetting fans by changing tact and settling with Sheffield United was motivated by the belief it would make it easier to sell the club. However, with Leeds and Warnock already looking to make money from yesterday’s development, it looks like the gamble may backfire spectacularly.

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  • david macnamara // March 17, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    oh please god just make it stop.

    Surely the money West Ham are paying Sheff Utd should be used to pay the SU players out of pocket.

    what happens after that, can West Ham sue there own players who were paid bonuses for staying up?

    Can we claim compensation from Sehff Utd for the hours lost to this tedium, when we could be out doing other stuff. Just writing this post, has cost my employer…..£1.68.

    Mr. Warnock, expect a letter from XXXXXXXXXXXX’s solicitors.

  • Ryan Failey // March 18, 2009 at 6:21 am

    Just how much money do people think west ham have?

    The leeches have all come out from the woodwork.

    Soon we’ll have Kieron Dyer suing West Ham for brittle bone disease.

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