Michael Tonge is considering legal action over Tevezgate

Stoke reserve admits he will chase compensation if others do

Former Sheffield United player Michael Tonge has revealed he would contemplate joining a legal claim against West Ham if some of his ex-teammates hold his hand. He said:

“I’m just waiting to see what comes of it. I’m not taking it upon myself to make a claim, but might consider joining one.”

The midfielder is back in the Premier League now with Stoke – and one has to wonder who he will blame if the Potters go down this summer – but Tony Pulis obviously doesn’t rate him too highly as he has started just one league game.

Tonge also showed ignorance of the situation by stating that Carlos Tevez’ goal on the final day at Old Trafford kept West Ham up when the reality is that all they needed was a draw, meaning the back five who shut Manchester United out deserve the credit. Indeed, Henry Winter, the journalist who provided evidence supporting Sheffield United’s case, named Green man of the match in his report on the game.

Besides, If Tonge believes he can pinpoint his relegation entirely on the performance of another player, will he be equally as willing to reject any bonuses coming his way if Stoke stay up this season when he has done little to aid their cause?

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  • John B Sheffield // March 19, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    This stampede of Pure GREED! by footballers as well as clubs is nothing less than a France and a disgrace to the good name of Football

    All these problems come from one 85 year old man making a decision which many saw would open a can of worms and set a precedent that could shake football for years to come, now – I’m not ageist, but every commission, public boards seems to be full of cronies, no way is the so called Lord in touch with real life and even the game of football and not one person at the FA flickered an eyelid!

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