The Three Ronnies

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to be a pop star

Manchester Utd star to create musical tour de force with Ronaldinho and Ronaldo

The Three Ronnies

Having already conquered the world’s of football and super sexy hotpants, Cristiano Ronaldo has set himself some new goals. According to this morning’s Sun, the tricky winger is entertaining the idea of forming a popular beat combo with (Fat) Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Oh dear:

“Somebody mentioned to me a few years ago that it would be a great idea if myself, the Brazilian Ronaldo and Ronaldinho made a band called The Three Rs.

“I loved the idea, it was so funny. I’ll mention it to them when I retire, we might even have a No1.”

Ronaldo hasn’t mentioned his slightly ridiculous plan to the King of Nightclubs or the King of Transvestite Prostitutes, but he has made it clear he will be the leader of the triumvirate:

“I don’t know what the other two would like to do but it would be brilliant if I was lead singer.

“You never know, I will have to do something after football.”

We think the pop band make a great post-football career, and a much more interesting alternative to punditry. If C-Ron wishes to get a head start, he would do well to consult the Premier League’s greatest vocalist, Andrei Arshavin.

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  • Mish // March 23, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    What a cunt.

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