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Robbie Savage helps a war hero lose his job

Well-coiffed midefielder flouts anti-terrorism rules

Pablo Mason

Pilot Pablo Mason is a hero. Not only has he grown a moustache that most men could only dream of owning, but he led Tornado jets on 23 bombing missions over Iraq during the Gulf War, sticking it to Saddam on each occasion. However, thanks to his decision to accommodate the whims of Robbie Savage, the 57-year-old has lost his £90k a year pilot job:

Captain Mason, who became an airline pilot after leaving the RAF, lost his job after taking Blackburn Rovers home on a private charter flight following a match in Finland in August.

His crime was to allow one of the players, Robbie Savage, to spend most of the three-hour journey on the Airbus A320′s flight deck to help allay his fear of flying.

Flight deck visits have been banned since 9/11, but Mason protested during his employment tribunal with “bureaucratic nincompoops” MyTravel Thomas Cook that a Premiership footballer did not pose a terrorist threat.

[The Telegraph]

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  • Peter // March 20, 2009 at 9:17 am

    What ever happened to common sense?

  • Mr Blackett // March 20, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    I know Robbie Savage is one of the least popular men in modern football but did you really need that headline? Robbie Savage’s didn’t get the guy sacked. FTA:

    “The panel heard that the 58-year-old former Tornado pilot had already been disciplined for gross misconduct following two separate incidents in 2006, including one in which he stripped to his underwear during an airport security check.”

    The headline suggests that Robbie Savage is somehow pissing all over this poor defenseless war hero. After reading the article, it looks to me like Mason is, at worse, a victim of over-zealous enforcement of health and safety rules.

    Now, I need a bath. Defending Robbie Savage makes me feel dirty.

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