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Footballers beware: Ronaldinho’s fake WAG is looking for another victim

Alexandra Paressant looks to create misery for another sportsman

When footballers first sign a professional contract, they should be made to agree they will never go anywhere near compulsive liar Alexandra Paressant. The French ‘model’ first hit headlines when she claimed she was sleeping with Ronaldinho during World Cup 2006. The Brazilian ended up suing her, thanks to a series of fabricated photos and ‘anonymous’ blog posts.

Paressant then caused a scandal by claiming she had been steamrollered by NBA star Tony Parker, after being introduced by Thierry Henry. Parker’s wife Eva Longoria wasn’t best pleased, but her claims were soon dismissed as fantasies. Even Paressant’s mother has admitted that her daughter is prone to making up stories.

Such is the extent of her shameless lying that the picture above almost certainly isn’t her – she has been known to circulate pictures of much hotter models, passing them off as herself. (Real Paressant looks like this, which goes a long way to explaining why we put up a picture of fake Paressant.)

According to Marca, Paressant is looking for a new victim, preferably a sportsman. The Spanish paper also reveals that she was arrested for a jewelry robbery in October.

Be afraid, footballers. Be very afraid.

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