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Usain Bolt calls Cristiano Ronaldo a “wuss”

Runner joins the list of poeple fed up with Ronny’s theatrics

Usain Bolt shows David Letterman his hands

Usain Bolt loves football almost as much as he loves chicken nuggets and showing off, and and is therefore relishing the prospect of meeting up with Cristiano Ronaldo for a training session. We were under the impression Bolt would be giving C-Ron sprinting tips, but it turns out he will actually use the opportunity to tell the Portuguese star to ‘man up’:

“The first thing I’m going to tell him: stop acting like a wuss.

“Seriously, because the fact why his game is kind of down right now is because these guys are picking on him because he’s so soft. No one in football will try it with Rooney. Ronaldo’s got to be a little like Rooney, he’s got to be aggressive, then these guys will stop picking on him. If Ronaldo’s aggressive back to these guys, and gets a few red cards, people will stop picking on him.”

Essentially, Bolt’s advice is that Ronaldo should try and get more yellow cards. Not the best advice for a player who has already picked up six cautions and a sending off this season.

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  • Martin Regnen // April 6, 2009 at 9:00 am

    The sending off was for protecting his hair from the ball, wasn’t it? Not the manliest way to get a red.

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