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Has WAG Chanelle Hayes infected the Middlesbrough team with swine flu?

Former Big Brother star may have brought epidemic to Teeside

Faces nightclub noticed a dramatic decrease in business recently, as two of its most loyal patrons – WAGs Chanelle Hayes and Chantelle Houghton – were enjoying a luxury holiday in Mexico.

While the trip was undoubtedly intended to alleviate the stresses of occasionally taking their clothes off in Nuts, the Big Brother beauties may have come home with a little more than a tan: The Daily Star claim the pair are being checked out by doctors to make sure they haven’t caught the deadly piggy flu.

Chanelle is slowly working her way through the Middlesbrough team, and is currently dating midfielder Matthew Bates. If she is found to be carrying the flu, it is very likely Bates will have it, and therefore the entire Boro squad would have to be checked out.

Fortunately for Tottenham, Chantelle Houghton no longer entertaining Jermain Defoe.

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