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Joey Barton suspended by Newcastle, Fabregas’ Arsenal vow and Cheryl Cole attacked

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This goalkeeper shows us why it’s a bad idea to leave a shot that is heading for the crossbar
[The Offside]

Proof that Phil Neville still loves him some Manchester Utd
[Republik of Mancunia]

Violent moron Joey Barton has been suspended without pay until further notice
[Sky Sports]

Video: Denise Richards treats Baseball fans to her dulcet tones

A fan bites Cheryl Cole
[The Sun]

Classy pornstars attend El Clasico
[Dirty Tackle]

Cesc Fabregas belongs to Arsenal
[The Telegraph]

Joe Cole and Carly Zucker watch a cocky Mancunian get knocked out in Las Vegas

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  • McRib // May 5, 2009 at 10:57 am

    Ricky Hatton isn’t cocky. He’s a nice guy and great professional.

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