Crimes Against fashion

Porto fans rob Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 fashion store

Angry Dragões relieve frustration with some petty theft

Those who want to dress like Cristiano Ronaldo – ie everybody – can achieve his fierce look with a visit to one of his CR7 boutiques. The Madeira branch of his fashion chain, however, received some unwelcome visitors this week.

Angry at the manner in which they were knocked out of the Champions League, Porto sent three of their campest metrosexual fans to the store to cause unrest. The gentlemen filled three knapsacks with various items of overpriced crap hats, belts and shirts, before saying some very mean things about the tricky winger to his sister Elma, who runs the store.

Fortunately, police arrested the chic offenders later in the day, and also foiled a second robbery plot involving up to ten men.

[Expresso via Dirty Tackle]

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