Revealed: Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliant taste in music

Manchester Utd star treats his stereo to some fine tunes

Cristiano Ronaldo blasts his favourite tunes

We know that Cristiano Ronaldo has exceptional taste in fashion (ooh chic) and women (mmm classy, ahhh manly), so it is only fitting that his music collection is cooler than a polar bear in skinny jeans watching Skins.

A few weeks ago the tricky winger told us he enjoys Phil Collins, Elton John and Sade, and in this Morning’s Sun, yet more musical gems have been revealed. One of his favourite artists is a man who also happens to acquiesce to C-Ron’s fashion sensibilities:

The Man United ace has all RICKY MARTIN’s albums and admits his top track by the Latin hip-swiveller is cheesy No1 single Livin’ La Vida Loca.

Ron says: “Ricky’s tunes are very catchy. Livin’ La Vida Loca is his most catchy by far and it is my most favourite.”

It has become increasingly clear that the Portuguese haven’t been exposed to music produced after 1999, as his favourite song of all time comes from the film Space Jam:

In equally sad style, Ron also loves R&B star R. KELLY’s hit I Believe I Can Fly.He says: “That is without doubt my favourite song in the world.

“R. Kelly is a great artist and the words to that song are a real inspiration to me.”

The Spoiler completely agrees with Ronaldo on the notion that R Kelly being an inspiration: not only has he shown the world how to beat dozens of child pornography and underage sex charges, but Trapped in the Closet is the single greatest Hip-Hopera of our time.

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