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Fergie rubbishes Tevez free deal, Benitez targets Spanish youngster, Danielle Lloyd poses

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Carlo Ancelotti shows his hidden talent

El Hadji Diouf wants to some across as even more of an arse, so he has bought a Gallas-esque chrome Mercedes
[Daily Mail]

Joey Barton must be pretty happy with how his life is turning out
[The Sun]

A Sydney FC player has been suspended over child sex allegations
[Off The Post]

Fergie dismisses the ‘Tevez could sign for free‘ theory
[The Telegraph]

Video: Someone needs some anger management
[Dirty Tackle]

The official World Cup 2010 song will be really good

Rafa is trying to find Jesus. Spanish attacking midfielder Jesus Fernandez, that is
[The Mirror]

WAG Danielle Lloyd makes her zillionth appearance in Nuts

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