Elano apologises to wife after being caught in Brazilian ‘virtual sex’ scandal

Man City midfielder sorry for exposing wang

Blumer Elano

Earlier this month, The Spoiler brought you news of some of Brazil’s finest being ‘tricked’ into broadcasting images of their love tools across the web via webcam by a South American internet groupie unimaginatively dubbed ‘The Blonde from the Internet’. One of the group of poor unfortunates (which included AC Milan stars Ronaldinho and Pato) happened to be Manchester City’s moody midfielder Elano.

In a recent interview with Brazilian sports website UOL Esporte, as well as admitting to consorting with rivals Ronaldo, Anderson and Tevez for a spot of ‘shopping and dining’, the playmaker has brushed off the revelations, noting having people screengrab pictures of your willy and posting them around the internet is just, y’know, one of those things:

“These things happen in life, people err. I was the first guy to tell my wife. I am happy that she has understood me. I am a man blessed by God, always looking to seek the peace.”

When asked whether he’d taken legal action against the the lusty vixen, Elano was, unsurprisingly, happy for the whole sordid affair to be forgotten:

“No, I’ll leave it at that. I am returning to my goal, which is to play football.”

Which should come as welcome news for Man City fans after a large chunk of the season spent bitching at Mark Hughes, rather than getting on with the business of scoring goals. Maybe the incident will make Elano think twice before leaving accusatory notes on his ‘dirty minded’ teammates’ cars.

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