The Spoiler’s top twenty Premiership goals of 2008/09: #10-1

“Tek a bow, son(s)”

With the 2008/09 campaign finally over, The Spoiler continues to take a look back (part 1 is over here in case you missed it) at the season’s finest goals and our nominations for the ten greatest efforts. Surprisingly, only two strikers make the list…

#10: Fernando Torres – Liverpool 4-0 Blackburn, 11/04/09

Would Liverpool’s season have ended in league glory had Fernando Torres managed to avoid injury? We’ll never know – but surely fans would’ve been treated to more gems like this. Nonchalantly foregoing the traditional practice of actually checking where the net is before hitting the ball, the number 9 scores a spectacular striker’s goal.


#9: Geovanni – Hull 2-1 Arsenal, 27/09/09

Despite a woeful drop in form after Christmas, Geovanni can still claim to have left his stamp on the 08/09 season with a series of playground-esque wonder-goals toward the start of the campaign. This strike in the momentous win against Arsenal ranks as one of the best.


#8: Cristiano Ronaldo – Man Utd 2-1 Blackburn, 21/02/09

CR7 has scored some peaches this season, mostly saving his best for the Champions League. Generously, he still found time to bless the league with audaciously angled free-kicks like this pearler against Blackburn.


#7: Paul Konchesky – West Ham 3-1 Fulham, 18/01/09

The collective delayed, almost confused reaction of both crowd and commentator in this clip perfectly mirror everyone else’s initial response on first seeing Paul Konchesky blast this missile past his former employers. Paul? Konchesky? From that distance? From that angle?


#6: Frank Lampard – Hull City 0-3 Chelsea, 29/10/2008

Young footballers take note: this is the textbook definition of a ‘delicate chip’. Regardless of the baffling amount of time and space Lampard is given to do what he wants with the ball here, the inch-perfect placement is glorious.


#5: Carlton Cole – Wigan 0-1 West Ham, 04/03/09

A goal with the mark of Zola all over it. One of the best team moves of the season, West Ham manage to string together an unexpectedly effortless show of one-touch football.


#4: Deco – Bolton 0-2 Chelsea, 16/08/09

The best of Deco’s hilariously piss-poor contribution to the Premiership this season, both build-up and finish are so fluid, intelligent and skilful the end result is a goal which looks like a recreation of something you just scored on Pro Evolution Soccer.


#3: Glen Johnson – Portsmouth 2-2 Hull City, 22/11/08

Fast forward to 5:17 for the good bit. Extra points for successful execution of a shot half the league would struggle with on even their strongest foot, let alone their unfavoured peg. Classy stuff, and a mark of the turnaround in Glen Johnson’s career since his useless spell at Chelsea.


#2: Gretar Steinsson – Bolton 3-1 Stoke, 16/08/09

Did he mean it? Well, no, clearly. But The Spoiler doesn’t care. For sheer power, swing, placement and general theatricality, this unbelievable hit can proudly claim to be the second best goal we witnessed this season.


GOAL OF THE SEASON: David Bentley - Arsenal 4-4 Spurs, 29/10/09

The singular ray of light in David Bentley’s extraordinarily rubbish season (apart from that time he kicked a football into some bins), this was the cherry on top of an excellent North London derby – an immaculate display of technique which Manuel Almunia had 40 yards and at least 2 seconds to prepare for, but was still powerless to keep out.

Did we miss anything? Any goals placed too highly or not given enough credit? Scribe your thoughts below…

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