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Trouble in Rome: Fan stabbed as drinking ban is ignored

(Football fans + drinking) x Rome = violence

Barcelona and Manchester Utd fans in Rome

It’s barely lunchtime in the Italian capital, but trouble is already erupting on the streets. are reporting that a British Manchester Utd fan is receiving treatment in hospital after being stabbed in the thigh.

In an unrelated incident, two drunken Utd fans have been arrested for disorderly behaviour in the Piazza Campo de Fiori area. A 19-year-old and a 45-year-old reportedly channeled their inner Russell Crowe, kicking and punching officers who tried to arrest them.

The Mayor of Rome was hoping to avoid such incidents by imposing a blanket ban on alcohol in the city from Tuesday until Thursday. The ban, however, has been universally ignored, as up to 50,000 visiting fans have been free to purchase booze in bars and supermarkets.

The Spoiler’s source in Rome confirms that people are freely drinking outside, despite official warnings. The source added that a sign at her hotel reads: “No Alcoholics served today”.

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