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How the Champions League is distancing the Big Four from the Premiership

Figures reveal the Premier League’s elite are getting even richer

Champions League Final 2009

When Premier League chairmen meet this week for their annual summer gossip party, the most likely topic of conversation will be the continuing dominance of the Big Four, perpetuated by the ever-increasing amount of Champions League cash. In figures released this morning, it has become clear that the Champions League is now worth around double the amount it was three years ago for participating clubs.

In 2008/09, Manchester Utd earned £90m – nearly three times as much as the likes of West Brom and Middlesbrough.

Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all earned in excess of £47m from Champions League prize and TV cash alone – more than the amount fourteen other Premiership clubs earned in total.

The rise in these figures – which do not include gate receipts and merchandise sales – can be attributed to the relative strength of the euro against the pound, an increase in TV rights payments and the English dominance of the latter stages of the competition.

Quite what the Premier League chairman will do to redistribute wealth among the Premier league is unclear, but they will almost certainly not adopt the lefty sharing scheme proposed by Culture Secretary Andy Burnham.

Check out the full list of Premiership earnings in 2008/09 after the jump…

Club  Prem Europe Cups Total

Man Utd 52.3 33.7 4.0 £90.0m

Liverpool 51.1 20.4 0.8 £72.3m

Chelsea 48.4 27.7 5.1 £81.2m

Arsenal 47.2 23.4 2.8 £73.4m

Everton 45.4 0 4.1 £49.5m

Aston Villa 45.2 0.4 0.8 £46.4m

Fulham 40.6 0 1.0 £41.6m

Tottenham 43.2 0.4 0.8 £44.4m

West Ham 41.0 0 1.0 £42.0m

Man City 40.7 3.7 0.2 £44.6m

Wigan 37.5 0 0.6 £38.1m

Stoke 36.8 0 0.2 £37.0m

Bolton 36.0 0 0.2 £36.2m

Portsmouth 35.2 0 0.6 £35.8m

Blackburn 35.0 0 0.5 £35.5m

Sunderland 33.7 0 0.3 £34.0m

Hull 33.0 0 1.4 £34.4m

Newcastle 37.0 0 0.2 £37.2m

Middlesbro 31.4 0 1.4 £32.8m

West Brom 31.6 0 0.3 £31.9m

Premier League earnings: prize money (max £15.2m, min £761,000); TV cash (£13.9m per club plus £480,000 per televised match – minimum payment 10 matches); overseas TV, sponsorship and licensing money (£12m per club).

European: Champions League earnings (TV money and performance bonuses); Uefa Cup (TV money and performance bonuses).

FA Cup: prize money (£75,000 for third round win rising to £2million for final win); TV money (£160,000 to £275,000 per live match). Carling Cup: £100,000 per live televised match.

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  • Raph88 // June 2, 2009 at 9:46 am

    mate, it’s nothing new. Kremer did a study in the early 90s that showed a dualistic “Premiership Effect” in his O-ring theory.

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