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Did you know Carlo Ancelotti starred in a film in 1983?

Chelsea boss made big screen debut as evil commie footballer

[Skip to 4.20 to see some De Niro-esque acting from Ancelotti]

When The Spoiler thinks of slightly duff films based around football matches, Escape to Victory and Mean Machines immediately spring to mind. Now, however, the 1983 Italian film Don Camillo has officially entered the canon-o’-crap, and it has been brought to our attention thanks to a starring appearance by Chelsea gaffer Carlo Ancelotti.

In this morning’s Sun, the Champions League winning manager sheds some light on his big screen debut:

“In Don Camillo, I play for a communist football team owned by the village mayor Peppone, the great rival of Don Camillo. It was just a football match between angels and demons. I was really happy to be in this film as Don Camillo was born in Brescello, just 10 kilometres from where I was born.”

As you can see in the clip above (which was sought out by our handsome friends at Off The Post), Ancelotti plays for a team of nasty commie Devils in the film, and makes a substitute appearance in the game along with fellow former pros Luciano Spinosi and Roberto Pruzzo.

The whole thing looks camper than a row of tents filled with men dressed like Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ancelotti’s onscreen talents certainly seem to eclipse those of Vinnie Jones.

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