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England fan shot in a bar for chanting

Merry supporter gets a cap in his ass


The 2006 factual documentary Borat would have us believe that Kazakhstan and its neighbouring countries are not quite civilised enough to be familiar with firearms, but an England fan has found out that this is not quite the case.

Getting in some serious drinking preparation before Saturday’s World Cup Qualifier, an over zealous supporter and his friends were chanting in a bar in Kyrgyzstan, apparently oblivious to the fact that Kyrgyzstan is an entirely different country to Kazakhstan (just like we were before we looked it up on Wikipedia).

A local in the bar took exception to their obnoxious singing and asked them to stop. When they failed to comply, the angry Kyrgyzstani skipped the part where he asked them politely again, instead choosing to shoot one of them in the leg with a pistol.

The injured man – believed to be from Rochdale – was rushed to a hospital, where the bullet was removed. He is said to be recovering after discharging himself, but it is not known if he has stopped chanting yet.

A tip of the hat to handsome devil Brooks Peck for the image

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