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AC Milan will challenge Real Madrid for Ronaldo’s signature

The Rossoneri plan to spend all their Kaka money in one go

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka

AC Milan are on the verge of earning more than £60m from the sale of Kaka, and are planning to spend it on another FIFA World Player of the Year, according to The Sun.

Unless you haven’t been paying attention for the past year or so, you will know Cristiano Ronaldo is on course for a transfer to Real Madrid, and has fawned over their advances accordingly.

Even though Los Blancos are obliged to pay the tricky winger €30m if they do not sign him (something we reported yesterday morning and the rest of the press are catching up with today), they may lose out to the flush Italian giants.

Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi said:

“I told Cristiano Ronaldo that I would like to see him as a Rossonero.

“He looked at me, and said ‘Who doesn’t like Milan? All players would like to come to Milan’.”

The Spoiler truth-o-meter: Such a move would make sense, as Milan need a star player to fill the Brazilian-shaped void in their midfield. Plus, Madrid are already spending big on other players, and if they land Zidane’s best mate Franck Ribery, they will have a player who pretty much performs the same function as C-Ron. That said, we still think the Portuguese will end up in Spain. Call it a hunch.

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  • shay // June 5, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    How exactly has he “fawned” over their advances? He’s been saying he’s not going, and then after a painful defeat all he said was “I don’t know” How could that be defined as fawning over their advances?! And what else was he supposed to say to Berlusconi? Your team is crap and I would never play there perhaps? He may very well leave for Real Madrid but I would rather not hear anything else about it until it really happens. This story is so stale and boring I hate it.

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