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Steven Gerrard’s reitrement plans, Wolfsburg target Peter Crouch and Danielle Lloyd

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ferrari

Despite causing road closures and costing thousands in police time, Cristiano Ronaldo will face no charges for wrecking his Ferrari
[The Independent]

Steven Gerrard says he may retire in 2013
[Sky Sports]

Interestment’s top four football transfers

Yes, it is possible for rugby to become even more homoerotic

Danielle Lloyd covers up her leg lacerations at last night’s Transformers premiere
[Dirty Tackle]

Real Madrid outcasts Arjen Robben and Ruud van Nistelrooy could find a home in the Premiership
[The Guardian]

Peter Crouch linked with Bundesliga champions VfL Wolfsburg
[Sky Sports (again)]

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