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Dave Whelan thinks Michael Owen has lost his ‘bottle’

Wigan owner lays into job hunting striker

Dave Whelan and Roberto Martinez

Dave and Roberto display a garment that a certain horse-loving striker will not be wearing

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, Dave Whelan has windmilled his way into the Michael Owen transfer saga, making it clear the Newcastle forward will not be making a living at the DW Stadium next season:

When questioned about the glossy brochure produced by Owen’s representatives to entice a buyer, Whelan said:

‘We haven’t received the brochure, and we wouldn’t be interested in him.”

In no way embittered by the fact that his club hadn’t received a copy of the hallowed brochure, the Wigan owner continued:

‘His wages are too expensive, for one thing, and, for another, you have to ask whether he still has the urge, the bottle and the drive.

‘I hope he has, because he has been a great player. But that’s a big question. I tried to sign him when he came back from Real Madrid. I told his agent I’d pay the £15million asking price and allow him to move on whenever he pleased, because I wanted him to be playing over here in readiness for the World Cup the following year.

In no way embittered by the fact that Owen had no interest in playing for Wigan when he moved back to England, Whelan once again continued:

‘He’s looking a bit injury-prone these days, and he does love his horses. His wages will come down, but it would still be a hell of a lot for us to pay someone more than £25,000 a week.’

Dave W makes some potentially valid points, albeit points that are shrouded in resentment. While he appears to take a potshot at Owen himself, The Spoiler can’t help but think his comments come as a result of a seething resentment towards a certain Championship football club in the north east. He isn’t a big fan of their owner, that’s for sure.

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