Last Goodbye

Video: The final minutes of Setanta Sports News

Irish network goes out with a mushy compilation tribute

Three weeks ago we suggested the England/ Kazakhstan game would be Setanta’s last, and yesterday our prophecy of doom finally came to pass*. As you know by now, the Irish broadcaster was the latest victim of the financial nuclear winter, as they failed to honour the payments on their hugely over-priced TV rights packages.

Setanta finished broadcasting in the UK at 6pm last night, but not before a gushing self-tribute from the nation’s second favourite 24-hour Sport news channel.

The farewell compilation they showed was a little anti-climactic (who could forget the Steve Claridge phone-in?), but we like the line about delivering sports news “regardless of the rights holder” – a clear reference to Sky Sports News’ tendency to pretend a sporting event doesn’t exist if a rival is showing it.

*Technically, Azerbaijan/ Wales was the last game as it was broadcast later in the day. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter as no one cares.


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