Chelsea’s summer of snubs looks set to continue

The bookmakers expect the Blues to miss out on Carlos Tevez

Glen Johnson has already snubbed Chelsea and Carlos Tevez is expected to follow suit

This is a huge transfer window for Chelsea – their chance to build on a strong end to the season by bringing in players who can freshen up the squad and thrust them back into title contention – but it hasn’t gone to plan so far.

With Manchester United losing two of their “Fab Four”, the Blues have a real chance to close the gap but they have already been snubbed by Glen Johnson, while Ricardo Carvalho wants to leave and Michael Essien’s agent has made noises about his client moving to Spain.

Whereas a few weeks ago they were linked with Franck Ribery, Sergio Aguero and David Villa, this morning it’s Charlton youngster Jonjo Shelvey and Ross Turnbull, who ended the season as Middlesbrough’s second-choice keeper.

Chelsea have of course been confirmed as one of the three clubs in contention for Carlos Tevez but bookmakers Sky Bet are almost certain that the forward will opt for Manchester City instead, with the Blues 4/1 outsiders.

A few seasons ago, Chelsea being financially outmuscled was unthinkable and with Jose Mourinho as manager, they were always an attractive option. Now though, City and Real Madrid can pay just as much and players are wary about moving to Stamford Bridge because the manager who signed them could be sacked a few months later.

How do you think Chelsea should react? Is it worth chasing galacticos while there is so much competition or should they focus on signing youngsters and players who are slipping under the radar? Let us know with a comment below.

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  • Scott // June 26, 2009 at 10:01 am



    Is that your next headline?

  • Mark // June 26, 2009 at 12:13 pm



    Away and fuck off mate if you dont like the articles

  • j // June 26, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    the reason why chelsea have been ‘snubbed’ by some players is due to them not being willing to pay extreme amounts of money to them a week. secondly some players are ‘snubbing’ chelsea due to not wanting to be in the premier league, so maybe that is saying something about players today, not chelsea abilities to get players.

  • Omar // June 26, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    I think chelsea need to sign youngsters and there are many out there to be taken. But their problem is they don’t have stability i.e one manager who would stay there and keep the players’ faith. That is a huge problem and I don’t think Ancelotti is gonna be a big hit either… Unless they find someone for the long-term they will only be left with little daisy Fa Cups in the short term.

  • Martin Fowler // June 26, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Chelsea are being snubbeb by alot of teams for two reasons there is some quality players in every position so first team football is never guarenteed they reached the semis and finals of the champions league for the last two seasons and they are no longer able to outmuscle the likes of man city and Real financially as they did previously. It also doesn’t help they havent won anything respectable for two or three seasons. United are having the same problem in my opinion, two of there 3 great players have abandoned ship only fergies fave Rooney remains and they are in the market for valencia as a replacement and theres no chance of them getting villa or Benzema!!!

  • Bluenose2 // June 26, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    You guys have only partly got it right.
    Blame part of the problem that the vast majority of English clubs cannot now recruit the best players is because of Gordon Brown and his inept mates!

    Raising the top rate tax band to 50% has made us uncompetitive in the pay stakes. Add to that the fall in the value of the British Pound and you can see why other countries are now a more favoured option and I haven’t even mentioned the weather yet! This applies to all English clubs, not just Chelsea.

    It is down to greed, pure and simple.

    Other than Madrid & Man City, no big teams have made lots of signings yet. OK Liverpool got an overpriced right back that no Chelsea fan wanted to come anyway, but that’s about the sum of it. Not even Madrid have actually signed Ronaldo yet bcause he is proving to be a greedy little shit as much as he was a cheating barsteward.

    The transfer window is open for a long time and you don;t do all your shopping in the first 5 minutes do you? By the way who have United signed yet?

    Snubbed. It’s bollocks. You can say we’re snubbed at the end of the season if we don’t get who we want. This jumped up little newsie just wants to create comment. As I said, it’s bollocks!

  • Craig // June 27, 2009 at 12:59 am

    I have to agree with bluenose2 I think he hit a couple of major points on the head. Also your comments about coaches I believe is unfair and untrue. There has been only 1 coach sack after a short tenure and that unfortunatly was L.P.S. But realistically tell me a team that would not have sacked him? Would Man U ‘in todays game’ kept him the at the rate he was falling down the table or had lost the team. Grant/Hiddink were always caretaker coachs regardless.
    Fact is this story is born out of frustration of little happening in the market and yet a need to fill columns. Deals would be done or inprogress to bring Antilloti to Chelsea, but nothing will be anounced till after his appointment July 1.

  • Omar // June 27, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Bluenose2 you are mostly right, and Craig what I mainly said was they simply need to hire someone who has more chances to stay for the long term. Abromovich is always too short-sighted and looks for instant success and ends up making stupid decisions like appointing L.F.S (the day he came I was sure he would be a flop!)… I mean what was the point of sacking Mourinho in the first place? I still havn’t fully got it… Whether it be the politics or whatever Mourinho could have set a legacy at chelsea the likes of Wenger and Sir Alex have done at Arsenal and United… Even in this summer Abromovich had the chance to appoint someone who would stay for a long time and be capable of bringing success and the best candidate for me was Zola! Yet he appoints someone who can’t speak much english (like L.F.S) and will have a new experience with english football… If I was a chelsea fan I would be very upset and hopeful at best!

  • Bluenose2 // June 27, 2009 at 10:59 am

    I’m totally in agreement with Craig and Omar has a point or two as well.

    Abramovich is learning the game too, let’s not forget that it was all ‘excitement’ and ‘expectation’ when he first got into the game and he wanted his money to buy immediate success. Andriy Schevchenko, for example, was steamrollered through because Abromovich wanted it to happen.

    Nowadays I reckon Roman is a little wiser and less likely to interfere with whoever he puts into the job.

    It’s my view that Mourinho got the bullet for two reasons and neither were really much to do with football management.

    1. Roman was the Big Cheese and Mourinho thought that it was he and not R.A. who was in total charge. The two clashed and Abramovich got pissed off with Mourinho. Simple. It’s like buyng your kids a scalextric and not being allowed to have a little go yourself. You’re going to play with it regardless. Result: Mourinho had to go.

    2. Abramovich wanted to be entertained. He had seen the Madrid/ United Champions League match the season before where it ended 5-4 and wanted some more of the same. The trouble is he wanted it every week! 1-0 was never going to be good enough back then, although I suggest it might be good enough now?

    Mourinho does not play expansive football. The wing backs sat back and were never allowed to tear off down the wing. We had a back 4 who stayed as a back 4.

    Add this to the personality clash and bingo Mourinho is off! Never mind what the players wanted. Never mind what the fans wanted. Abromovich is pulling the strings and paying the band and if he wants it, he gets it! If you could choose between losing Abromovich or Mourinho going, who would it be? No contest eh?

    Roman always wanted Hiddink for the job of manager and lets face it what did we know of him before he came? Did any of us realise that he was that good? Not a chance. R.A was dead right on that one and I think Hiddink will be back.

    Ancelotti: his players and supporters rave about him in the same way that we loved Jose. OK, his language is a bit ‘dicky’ but that can be overcome (Robson & Venables at Barcelona for example). I think he’ll do well. Will he play expansive football? Not a chance. Italians never do. It’ll be back to winning ways but expect an awful lot of
    1-0 wins. Do we care? NO!

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