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WAG No. 362: Ana Obregón

Spanish cougar snares a Championship star

At 54 years of age, Spanish actress and model Ana Obregón is precisely twice the age of the footballer to whom she has recently been romantically linked. Our besties at Kickette have informed us about the “special relationship” between Ana and Sheffield Utd striker Darius Henderson, which has been ongoing since the pair met in Ibiza.

Is it just us, or does she bare a striking resemblance to Stifler’s mum?

Ana is best known to English audiences as Bo Derek’s sidekick in Bolero, but is also a huge star in her home nation. She’s also the proud owner of a big ol’ brain, proved by the Zoology degree she obtained from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (the same institution that gave an education to Sara Carbonero).

Spoiler bonus: Here’s Ana working the pole (slightly NSFW)…

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