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50,000 people turn up to see Kaka unveiled at Real Madrid

Los Blancos show the world one of their new employees

Kaka and his number 8 shirt

Last night, Real Madrid held a press conference to unveil their second biggest summer signing, some chap called Kaka. Around 50,000 ‘madridistas’ piled into the Bernabéu for a glimpse of their new hero dressed in white, which is more than the average attendances of all but two Premier League clubs last season.

Kaka was tipped to take on the number 5 shirt, making him the third consecutive world player of the year to wear it (after Fabio Cannavaro and Zinedine Zidane). However, it was revealed that he will wear number 8, and Fernando ‘Lady’ Gago will inherit the hallowed number 5, as it is said to be a “very special number” for the Argentinean.

The Brazilian made a very brief speech to the fawning crowd:

“Today it is a very special day for me, I am very happy that this new stage of my career is in Real Madrid. My desire is to have my name in the history of this club, with victories and conquests.”

One man who is hoping for conquests of a very different kind is Cristiano Ronaldo (seamless link, eh?). He was supposed to be unveiled yesterday too, but his press conference has been put back until Monday, presumably so they can build a stage big enough for his ego. This morning, Madrid paid Manchester £80m in full for The Portuguese winger’s services.

Spoiler bonus: Check out video of Kaka’s big day after the jump…

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  • Kiara // July 1, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    “presumably so they can build a stage big enough for his ego” -> Yes I’m sure is that! ” Fernando Lady Gago” Lol..!
    I think it’s Madrilistas

  • Luis // July 1, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    I wonder what will Raul do when he turns into the locker room on monday morning and finds his new “RAUL 3+4″ printed shirt…

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