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WAG No. 364: Mai Ezz Eldin

Egyptian actress looking to tie down a Bundesliga star

Borussia Dortmund striker Mohamed Zidan split from his long-term partner Stina just four weeks ago, but has bounced back in spectacular style. The 27-year-old hitman is now engaged to May Ezz Eldin, one of Egypt’s most in-demand actresses. She is the star of Shikamara, and plenty of other films you will have never heard of. 

Plans for a large WAG wedding are in full swing, and time is of the essence as Mai’s mother is said to be very ill.

According to Bild, Zidan will have to acquiesce to a cultural ritual that involves slaughtering a cow and sharing the meat among the poor.

Spoiler bonus: Here’s a trailer for one of Mai’s bloody brilliant Egyptian films…

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