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WAG No. 365: Melina Nicolas

The latest victim of Boca Juniors’ resident ladykiller

Former Villarreal and current Boca Juniors star Juan Román Riquelme hit headlines around the time of World Cup 2006 when he started boffing Sports Illustrated model Yésica Toscanini – a great conquest for an international footballer, but not quite so commendable for a man with a wife and three kids. Presumably, the romance with Miss Toscanini and his suffering spouse has expired, as the Argentinean has since been linked with nude model Melina Nicolas.

Some criticise the Olympic Gold medal winner for lacking speed on the pitch, but Melina has been quick to assure us this is not the case in the bedroom. She gives his performances a modest ten out of ten, and says that he “varies his pace and acceleration”. Good to know.

Melina met Riquelme in a bar and she claims the attraction was instant. He bagged her phone number by waiting outside the bar in his BMW 4×4, but she didn’t let him have his way until their third date. Because she’s dead classy.

Spoiler bonus: If the modelling doesn’t work out, Melina could always become a fire fighter…

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  • Ryan // July 2, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    Did you notice that in the article you cite, she says that on the street people confuse her for a transvestite? Lucky for her, it doesn’t bother her…

  • f1sh // July 2, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    yuck, manly…

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