Football-related murder news

Colombian footballer surrenders to police after killing an abusive fan

Javier Flórez shoots a supporter for calling him “weak”

As Andrés Escobar discovered fifteen years ago, Colombian football and gunpoint murders go together like peas and carrots. The latest victim of this unfortunate harmonious relationship is a fan of Atletico Junior, who pushed Javier Flórez over the edge.

Apparently, the midfielder was driving home after a defeat to Once Caldas in the Apertura tournament when a group of youths started hassling him. When they shouted “Weak! Weak!” at him, he allegedly got out of his car and started firing. 27-year-old electrician Israel Campillo was killed after finding himself on the wrong end of two bullets.

Witnesses claim the footballer fled the scene on foot, at which point enraged locals in the Barranquilla neighbourhood destroyed his car with stones.

Flórez has since handed surrendered himself to the police.


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