Heaven and Hull

Which Premiership star is a pastor in his spare time?

Hull’s Giovanni manages to fit preaching into his busy schedule


Apparently, Giovanni’s Premier League success cannot be attributed solely to his own skill and determination: the Brazilian also has the Good Lord on his side.

While playing for Manchester City, Gio attended the New Hope Fellowship Church in Hulme, a Brazilian institution where sermons are read in Portuguese and English. Using his middle name Diberson, the Hull forward continues to attend the church, and regularly gives sermons to a congregation that has boasted Fabio Aurelio and Elano among its ranks.

Fellow Pastor Ezequias Santos told the Manchester Evening News:

“Deiber has been working with boys in the local area and doing some great work.

“Like Kaka, he is a Brazilian player who has kept his faith and remained humble even though his life is now very different to ours.

“He wants to be part of the community and help youths develop good behaviour, even though he now has a wealthy background.”

The Spoiler is impressed by Giovanni’s efforts – few other top flight players possess even a passing familiarity with the concept of doing something selfless and without grotesque remuneration.

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