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Noel Gallagher thinks Manchester City should not sign John Terry

Mr Chelsea is a “cockney cry baby”, says Oasis star

Noel Gallagher at Maine Road

Noel receives at rapturous welcome at Maine Road in 1996. If Sheikh Mansour is reading, Maine Road is the ground Man City used to play at.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, Noel Gallagher has told Football365 why his beloved Manchester City should cease their pursuit of England’s brave captain:

“I don’t like John Terry and I never have. He’s got funny eyes and he’s a cry baby.

“He’s also a Cockney and he’d absolutely be coming just for the money.”

As much as The Spoiler appreciates Gallagher’s rapier wit, having “funny eyes” isn’t a great reason not to bring in a world class player, and they already have a cockney staff member in the form of Shaun Wright-Phillips. Perhaps the Oasis guitarist just wants to keep JT’s mum as far away a spossible from the executive boxes at Eastlands – one can never be too careful safeguarding one’s possessions.

Spoiler bonus: Some classic acoustic Noely G after the jump…

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  • Luis // July 17, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Well, m’mate Noel says JT is in it for the money.

    Uhmmm….that doesn’t happen often in PROFESSIONAL football, right?

    But just to be sure…let’s make a quick fact check…

    John Terry would make in a week in Manchester City about 200k lbs. in a week, right?…On the other hand, I, in my miserable, yet full of stress job in Mexico make around…170 lbs a week. That makes my salary exactly 245.04 times smaller than JT’s.

    He’d be absolutely coming for the money…thanks for stating the obviuos Noel.

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