Dubious Honour

Flamengo fans declare Ronaldo “The King of the Transvestites”

Striker receives unwelcome reception from the club he betrayed

Ronaldo King of the Transvestites

He has won two World Cups, has been top scorer in leagues all over the world and has been voted FIFA World Player of the Year three times, but (Fat) Ronaldo’s legacy will forever be tainted by his love for transsexual prostitutes.

The Corinthians striker wasn’t even playing in Sunday’s clash with Flamengo (he is recovering from his wrist injury and liposuction surgery), but home fans at the legendary Maracanã stadium devoted a large part of their collective energy to belittling the tubby Brazilian. In addition to a fetching pink banner that read “Ronaldo King of the Transvestites”, Flamengo fans sang chants that labelled him “fat” and “queer”.

The Mengão faithful were particularly aggrieved with Ronaldo, who said it would be his “dream” to move to the club at the end of last year. He subsequently trained with Flamengo while recovering from knee surgery, but shunned them at the eleventh hour for bitter rivals Corinthians, adding salt to the wound by implying they had better supporters. Hence, fans at the game on Saturday also labelled him a “traira”, a type of Brazilian freshwater fish whose name is used as a pun for “traitor”.

Flamengo fans were left feeling particularly smug, as they won the match 1-0, courtesy of a left-footed strike from Campeonato top scorer Adriano.


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  • red dan // August 11, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    as a footnote to the (fat) Ronaldo and the 3 trannies story. One of them died of AIDS last month, just as well Ronnie did argue over the price and didn’t indulge.

    I was living in Rio for 6 months and this story was on the news before anyone starts asking any searching questions about how I know this

  • abc // August 11, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Do you (the author) really believe this transvestite story?! Are you really that stupid?!
    1. Do you really think Ronaldo would have sex with transvestites and wouldn’t pay? That’s what these trannies first said.
    2.After a few days the trannies admit that they lied.
    3.The dead trannie was charged because of blackmailing and calumny.
    4.This dead transvestite changed her story three times.The judge asked her why she always changes her story and she said the policeman forced her to do so.
    5.The same policeman said in court that this is a lie and that the trannie came three times to the policestation together with her lawyer to change her story.How could he force her?!
    6.There were a lot witnesses who were also asked by the judge and one said that he went in the room where they were to fill the minibar and they were just talking,no sex,no drugs!
    7. Another one saw the trannie stealing Ronaldo’s car papers which were in his car. Do you really think Ronaldo would give her his car papers if he has sex with them and take drugs?!
    8.The other trannies also admit that they lied but these trannies didn’t change their story anymore,but the dead trannie who was charged always told something else,she couldn’t stay with her story. Now, I ask you,the author of this text, why should someone change his story three times if this person is charged and could go to jail? If your story is true then you will never ever change it, especially if you are charged and could go to jail!!!That’s as sure as death and taxes!!!
    9. The transvestite who made up this story to become famous and spread lies about Ronaldo died last month.
    Maybe, the Almighty GOD has spoken!!!

  • Matty // August 12, 2009 at 4:42 am

    pr*ck. hope he crashes and burns with the scum called SC Corinthians. up the holy Green and White!

  • Jam // August 12, 2009 at 8:17 am

    I dont know why people call them trannies….they still guys to me even if they in drag.

    Pansies or nancies is more appropriate

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    [...] return to Brazil has been blighted by injury, lipsocution surgery and his coronation as ‘King of the Transvestites‘, and the tubby striker’s fortunes appear to have taken yet another unfortunate [...]

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