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Jealous fan threatens to kill Jack Wilshere’s girlfriend

Whoa! Someone needs to chill out!

Jack Wilshere

Generally speaking, the internet is a wonderful place where cats play keyboards, people have good natured batfights and opinionated morons can become famous.

However, Jack Wilshere probably isn’t sharing our enthusiasm for this big ol’ network of computers, as some vicious anonymous commenters have been using it to threaten his ladyfriend. The Daily Star done a story what sez:

FOOTBALL ace Jack Wilshere has called in police after a jealous female “fan” threatened to murder his girlfriend.[...] devoted fans have posted page after page of messages on internet sites.

But when pictures of his girlfriend – named online as Lauren Neal – were posted, so were threatening and spiteful messages.

On one site, a jealous girl calling herself “xCupCakes” wrote: “gah, lets kill her please?”

Another said: “She’s not good enough for him”, while one claimed she looked “like a boy”.

‘xCupCakesx’ strikes us as a misguided teenage Jack Wilshere fan, rather than a muderous psychopath, but nevertheless Hertfordshire police have “taken the threat very seriously”.

Scary update: Here’s the relatively harmless thread from which this story came. Thanks to Jonny for the tip.

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  • zak stokes // December 23, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    hello, im a good friend of jacks and have been for a very long time. i think these fans should leave him to get on with his personal life and leave lauren alone dont getme wrong jack is a very talented footballer for his age he always has been. but because he is a star now dont mean to say he cant have a private life so leave him to get on with his private life and let him do his thing on the pitch!

  • michelle // March 3, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    i agree with zak. leave him alone. he is a human being too, he needs his privacy,he has his own personal life, he is not different from all human beings on earth, except that he is gifted. I see a lot of arsenal’s future in him. for the jealous people , get on with ur lives people and leave him ALONE!

    BTW i don’t know jack but, i support him as i support arsenal and the players, forever.

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