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Referee accused of encouraging Millwall striker during game

Darren Deadman accidentally proclaims admiration for Neil Harris

Darren Deadman

It’s amazing that most Millwall fans are able to walk on account of the huge chip they carry on their collective shoulders, but the club with the mantra “No one likes us and we don’t care” appear to have an admirer in the form of referee Darren Deadman.

The official finds himself in hot water with the Football League following his conduct in Millwall’s goalless clash with Carlisle at The New Den two weekends ago. Carlisle player-manager Graham Kavanagh accuses Deadman of exclaiming “Get in, Harris” when cancer surviving striker and Lions hero Neil Harris was closing in on goal.

Kavanagh has since spoken about his outrage concerning the blatant lack of impartiality:

“I regarded that as being out of order and I confronted the ref. At first he ignored me, then he said he hadn’t said anything.”

“Then, 10 minutes later, he changed his story and said the reason he had said it was because he had played an advantage and it had led to a scoring opportunity, which reflected well on him as a referee.

“I told him he is supposed to be a referee, not a fan or a player, and the outcome of a chance shouldn’t affect his emotions. I have been involved in the game for 20 years and never experienced anything like it. I was disgusted.”

The Football League have said they are investigating the incident, which means it won’t be too long until we see some hilarious ‘Deadman Walking’ headlines in the tabloids.

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