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Footballer has leg amputated after being struck by lightning during game

Is this the world’s unluckiest player?

Jonathan Richter

Jonathan Richter, of Danish Superliga side FC Nordsjælland, was playing in a reserve match against second tier side Hvidovre in July when he was struck by lightning. The 24-year-old midfielder collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where he remained in a coma for ten days. The incident was so shocking that other players on the pitch were offered counselling.

In order to help Richter’s body to recover from the electric shock, last week doctors made the decision to amputate the lower part of his left leg. His family have posted a statement on the club’s official website saying that this procedure has significantly improved his well-being.

The Spoiler wouldn’t wish this kind of incident on anyone, but we couldn’t help but be tickled an update on his Wikipedia entry:

Even though it has not officially been confirmed, experts believe Richter’s career in football could be over.

Excellent work, experts. Who knows where we would be without your clinical assessment of this situation.

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