Diving Debate

Harry Redknapp believes that diving is “rare” in football

Spurs boss tackles the issue of simulation

Harry Redknapp

We usually like the cut of Harry Redknapp’s jib, but his latest column in The Sun makes the following point concerning the oft-debated Eduardo dive:

“Only Eduardo knows if he dived against Celtic last week.”

As much as we admire Harry’s attempt to save the graces of a fellow professional (albeit one form a rival club), it’s just not true. Arsene Wenger knows whether he dived, UEFA know whether he dived, and absolutely everyone who has seen the incident also knows whether Eduardo dived.

Despite the fact that the entire crux of the article is a campaign to introduce video replay technology, the Tottenham boss also asserts that diving isn’t as big a problem as the media are currently making it out to be:

“I believe diving is rare. I also believe no player ever takes to the pitch with instructions from his manager to dive if it makes the difference between winning or losing.”

Is Harry right, or is there a startling sense of naivety to his words? Let us know your thoughts below…

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  • bert the frog // September 3, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    the game needs an overhaul from and for the refs in how they deal with the game (EPL)

    speed,diving for penaltys etc,,,,,,,,

    goal line ref and video technology…..

    rugby has dealt with it but for some strange reasons fifa are not dealing with it?

    Redknapp is cooling the issue with the arsenal player as it does look odd he has been singled out,
    more to do with the scottish FA input which was also odd?

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