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Who is the highest paid manager in the world?

It’s FC Bunyodkor’s Gene Hackman look-alike Luiz Felipe Scolari!

Luiz Felipe Scolari

Since arriving in Italy, Jose Mourinho’s €11m salary has cemented his status as the best paid manager in the world. This morning, however, it has been revealed that The Special One’s huge remuneration package has been eclipsed by that of another Chelsea alumnus. After signing an eighteen-month contract with Uzbekistani side FC Bunyodkor, Big Phil Scolari will now take home an annual pay packet of €13m.

Bunyodkur – who recently changed their name from PFC Kuruvchi to “reflect their success” – first came to international prominence last summer, when they claimed to have secured the services of Samuel Eto’o. Despite the Cameroonian’s passionate love for clubs who are willing to pay him more money than he is worth, the deal never went through.

Since the Eto’o spectacle, Bunyodkur have introduced several Brazilians to their side, most notably 37-year-old World Cup cheat Rivaldo, to whom they are giving a stupendous £80,000 per week. Last season, they were managed by Zico, but the end of his one-year contract has paved the way for the Big Phil regime.

Playing in a stadium that holds just 10,000 people, it’s safe to assume that most of Bunyodkur’s wage bill is funded by oil, but the club are clearly interested in securing their long term future by raising their international profile. Scolari – who hasn’t worked since Chelsea kicked him to the curb – says he is keen to raise the profile of the Uzbek game.

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