Perfect Response

Fabio Capello rises above Slaven Bilic’s mind games

England coach thanks Croatian for his inspiring team talk

When he isn’t belittling the opposition, Slaven Bilic likes to rock out with his band Rawbau. In the video, he’s the guy playing the guitar who looks like Slaven Bilic.

With the exception of the ongoing witch hunt of Premiership clubs who have poached young talent from elsewhere, it’s been a relatively quiet week in football so far. Hence, much prominence has been given to Slaven Bilic’s daily attempts to destabilise the England camp ahead of Wednesday night’s World Cup qualifier with Croatia.

So far, he has highlighted team’s lack of ‘Englishness’ (not exactly a criticism when you consider the team’s recent form), claimed to have figured out a super secret way to ensure victory (he won’t tell us what it is) and he has berated John Terry for speaking out against divers like Eduardo (admittedly, we were also shocked by that hypocrisy).

Rather than rising to the bait, Fabio Capello has instead asked his players to remember what Bilic said, thus giving them an added incentive to go out and prove him wrong:

“Thank you Mr Bilic. It is the best. I have no need to motivate my players after this. It’s fantastic assistance.”

It’s these kind of comments that make us love Mr Capello. Could you imagine Steve McClaren offering such an composed and infuriating retort?

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